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The following are inspirational and/or thought provokers sent to me on various occassions.  Most have been forwarded any number of times and finally came to me.  Since many have given inspiration to me through the years, I now am providing a depository for others to view and also be inspired.

26 Angels

100 Percent
A Christmas Story
A Gust of Wind
A Smile
Abortion -- Thought Provoker
Alaska Flight 261 -- January, 2000
Allah or Jesus
America: The Good
American Flag
America Parallels Israel
Ants -- Doing God's Work
Bear Bryant Story
Beauty of Math
Ben Stein
Bible Brain Teaser
Bill Gates Speaks to Kids
Broken Down Car *
Burning Hut
Carl's Garden
Center of The Bible
Christmas Shopping
Communion on the Moon

Darrell Scott Testamony Before the House {Re:Columbine High School}
Day Care 9/11
Deck of Cards
Definition of the Bible
Does God Speak?
Dollar Bill
Do You Believe In Easter?
Empty Easter Egg
Geese In Storm
Glass of Milk
Go to Church
God's Perfection
God's Glue
God vs Science
Golfer's Heaven
Gospel To Whole World *
Heaven's Grocery Store
Highway 109
How Could 50 States Be Wrong?
Human Bible
Instructions For Life
Jesus In My Heart
Jesus' Napkin
Jesus Is Watching You

John 3:16 
Jonah and the Whale   
Just Suppose    
Kansas Senate Opening Prayer -- Prayer of  Rev. Joe Wright
Lessons I've Learned From My Children

Letter from God to Women

Life Line

Living Bible
Marine Hymn
Math Miracle (Moses and the Exodus)

Mess On The Wall
Mouse Trap
Night Before Jesus Came
Nimitz on Pearl Harbor
Not All Heroes Are People*
Not Worthy
Oldie But Goodie
One Solitary Life
Pass It On
Pearl Harbor Hero Accepts Christ
Philosophy Class
Potato Chips

POW Flag
Proud To Be An American*
Recall Notice
Red Marbles
Saying Grace in a Restaurant
School Prayer
Seven Wonders
Sheep, Sheep Dogs, and Wolves
Soldier in the army of God
Stand Up
Table Cloth
Taking Aim
Taste My Jesus
Taxi Ride
The Tea Cup
Ten Reasons Why God Created Eve
The Empty Chair
The Father's Eyes
The Father's Will
The Gift
The One In The Picture
The Pilot
The Room
The Seed
Twenty Truths
Two Pilots
Two Stories
Veterans Day
Washington Monument
We Are Blessed
What is He To You
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
Where Was God? *
Whose Hands
Who's Your Daddy?
Why Didn't God Stop This? *
Why Go To Church?
Your Friend

 *Related to September 11, 2001

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