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America Parallels Ancient Israel

by Stephen Burke on Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 4:51pm

America was one of only two countries in history founded under God. Israel was the other. Ancient Israel turned away from God, so God sent Assyria to attack and awaken Israel. They attacked Israel and Israel's response was, "The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig (Sycamore in KJV) trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars." Isaiah 9:10. This was not God's intent. God was looking forIsrael to repent and return to God... they didn't. Later, God sent the Phillistines and Israel was crushed.

America is reliving this with 9/11. Gov. Potaki, shortly after 9/11/01 quoted this very Scripture (Isaiah 9:10) indicating that we would rebuild. What is so amazing about this is that in 1789, New York City was the first capital of America after the constitution. George Washington was sworn in as our first president there at the federal building. From there George Washington and the leaders walked to a small chapel for a two-hour service where America's first leaders dedicated America to God. What's even more amazing is that this Chapel sits on Ground Zero... St. Paul's Chapel. As with Israel, the very place where each country was dedicated to God, God allowed destruction to come for the purpose of awakening us.

After the bricks had fallen on 9/11, in a ceremony NY officials lowered a 20-ton quarried stone (dressed stone) into the foundation with the intent of building "Freedom Tower." Of course, the stone was later removed due to the outcry of those who lost loved ones in the Twin Towers. But our intent was there.

Even more... As 9/11 unfolded a beam from the north tower came down and was headed toward the chapel, but a Sycamore (Fig) Tree stood in the way and was felled by the beam and the chapel spared. The Sycamore's root system was made into a bronze statue (bronze is a metal of judgement) and placed on Wall Street. The NYSE was founded beneath a Sycamore Tree. To top it all off, a Cedar Tree was planted to replace the fallen Sycamore Tree.

America is reliving Sripture. As with Ancient Israel, we have not turned back to God as America.