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These files contain The King James Paraphrase Bible {without the King James in parallel} in MS Word  .doc format.

Title Pages for the King James Paraphrase Bible  .docx      Bible complete  .docx     Old Testament  .docx      New Testament  .docx       Book/Chapter Index
          New Testament - Self Contained     .docx

Books of The Bible

Old Testament

01 Genesiskjp.doc      .docx

02 Exoduskjp.doc      .docx

03 Leviticuskjp.doc      .docx

04 Numberskjp.doc     .docx

05 Deuteronomykjp.doc      .docx

06 Joshuakjp.doc      .docx

07 Judgeskjp.doc     .docx

08 Ruthkjp.doc     .docx

09 I Samuelkjp.doc      .docx

10 II Samuelkjp.doc      .docx

11 I Kingskjp.doc      .docx

12 II Kingskjp.doc      .docx

13 Chronicleskjp.doc      .docx  

14 II Chronicleskjp.doc      .docx

15 Ezrakjp.doc      .docx

16 Nehemiahkjp.doc      .docx

17 Estherkjp.doc      .docx

18 Jobkjp.doc      .docx

19 Psalmskjp.doc      .docx

20 Proverbskjp.doc      .docx

21 Ecclesiasteskjp.doc      .docx

22 Song of Solomonkjp.doc      .docx

23 Isaiahkjp.doc      .docx

24 Jeremiahkjp.doc      .docx

25 Lamentationskjp.doc      .docx

26 Ezekielkjp.doc      .docx

27 Danielkjp.doc      .docx

28 Hoseakjp.doc      .docx

29 Joelkjp.doc      .docx

30 Amoskjp.doc      .docx

31 Obadiahkjp.doc      .docx

32 Jonahkjp.doc      .docx

33 Micahkjp.doc      .docx

34 Nahumkjp.doc      .docx

35 Habakkukkjp.doc      .docx

36 Zephaniahkjp.doc      .docx

37 Haggaikjp.doc      .docx

38 Zechariahkjp.doc      .docx

39 Malachikjp.doc      .docx


New Testament

40 Matthewkjp.doc      .docx

41 Markkjp.doc      .docx

42 Lukekjp.doc      .docx

43 Johnkjp.doc      .docx

44 Actskjp.doc      .docx

45 Romanskjp.doc      .docx

46 I Corinthianskjp.doc      .docx

47 II Corinthianskjp.doc      .docx

48 Galatianskjp.doc      .docx

49 Ephesianskjp.doc      .docx

50 Philippianskjp.doc      .docx

51 Colossianskjp.doc      .docx

52 I Thessalonianskjp.doc      .docx

53 II Thessalonianskjp.doc      .docx

54 I Timothykjp.doc      .docx

55 II Timothykjp.doc      .docx

56 Tituskjp.doc      .docx

57 Philemonkjp.doc       .docx

58 Hebrewskjp.doc      .docx

59 Jameskjp.doc      .docx

60 I Peterkjp.doc      .docx

61 II Peterkjp.doc      .docx

62 I Johnkjp.doc      .docx

63 II Johnkjp.doc      .docx

64 III Johnkjp.doc      .docx

65 Judekjp.doc      .docx  

66 Revelationkjp.doc      .docx


Appendix A - Recorded Miracles in the Bible                Appendix E - Assurance for Believers
Appendix B - Recorded Parables of Jesus                     Appendix F - Holiness of Living {Evidences of Salvation}
Appendix C - Genealogy of Jesus                                  Appendix G - World Time Line of Biblical History               
Appendix D - How to Become a Christian                     Appendix H - Does Isaiah 7:14 refer to a virgin? - Yes!!
Appendix I - Examples of Missing Words and Verses of Scripture from Modern Translations
Appendix J - Bible Weights and Measures    {includes the following}    
      Appendix K: What Day of The Week Was Jesus Crucified? 

     Appendix L: The Modern Jewish Calendar and Holy Days 

     Number of Chapters and Pages in Each Book

     Other Articles of Interest at 

Appendices A-L.kjp.doc     .docx

Book/Chapter Index