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These files contain The King James/King James Paraphrase Bible  in MS Word  .doc format.

Title Pages for the King James/King James Parallel Bible  .docx       Bible Complete  .docx {23 meg}   Old Testament .docx{17 meg}   New Testament .docx{6 meg}    

 Book/Chapter Index

Books of The Bible

Old Testament

01 Genesis.doc     .docx

02 Exodus.doc      .docx

03 Leviticus.doc      .docx

04 Numbers.doc     .docx

05 Deuteronomy      .docx

06 Joshua.doc     .docx

07 Judges.doc     .docx

08 Ruth.doc     .docx

09 I Samuel.doc     .docx

10 II Samuel.doc     .docx

11 I Kings.doc     .docx

12 II Kings.doc     .docx

13 I Chronicles.doc     .docx  

14 II Chronicles.doc     .docx

15 Ezra.doc     .docx

16 Nehemiah.doc     .docx

17 Esther.doc     .docx

18 Job.doc     .docx

19 Psalms.doc     .docx

20 Proverbs.doc     .docx

21 Ecclesiastes.doc     .docx

22 Song of Solomon.doc     .docx

23 Isaiah.doc     .docx

24 Jeremiah.doc     .docx

25 Lamentations.doc     .docx

26 Ezekiel.doc     .docx

27 Daniel.doc      .docx

28 Hosea.doc      .docx

29 Joel.doc     .docx

30 Amos.doc     .docx

31 Obadiah.doc     .docx

32 Jonah.doc      .docx

33 Micah.doc     .docx

34 Nahum.doc      .docx

35 Habakkuk.doc      .docx

36 Zephaniah.doc      .docx

37 Haggai.doc      .docx

38 Zechariah.doc      .docx

39 Malachi.doc      .docx


New Testament

40 Matthew.doc      .docx

41 Mark.doc      .docx

42 Luke.doc      .docx

43 John.doc      .docx

44 Acts.doc      .docx

45 Romans.doc      .docx

46 I Corinthians.doc      .docx

47 II Corinthians.doc      .docx

48 Galatians.doc      .docx

49 Ephesians.doc      .docx

50 Philippians.doc      .docx

51 Colossians.doc     .docx

52 I Thessalonians.doc      .docx

53 II Thessalonians.doc      .docx

54 I Timothy.doc      .docx

55 II Timothy.doc      .docx

56 Titus.doc      .docx

57 Philemon.doc      .docx

58 Hebrews.doc      .docx

59 James.doc      .docx

60 I Peter.doc      .docx

61 II Peter.doc      .docx

62 I John.doc      .docx

63 II John.doc      .docx

64 III John.doc      .docx

65 Jude.doc      .docx  

66 Revelation.doc      .docx


Appendix A - Recorded Miracles in the Bible                Appendix E - Assurance for Believers
Appendix B - Recorded Parables of Jesus                     Appendix F - Holiness of Living {Evidences of Salvation}
Appendix C - Genealogy of Jesus                                  Appendix G - World Time Line of Biblical History               
Appendix D - How to Become a Christian                     Appendix H - Does Isaiah 7:14 refer to a virgin? - Yes
Appendix I - Examples of Missing Words and Verses of Scripture from Modern Translations
Appendix J - Bible Weights and Measures    {includes the following}  
      Appendix K: What Day of The Week Was Jesus Crucified? 

     Appendix L: The Modern Jewish Calendar and Holy Days 

     Number of Chapters and Pages in Each Book

     Other Articles of Interest at 

Appendices A-L.doc      .docx

Book/Chapter Index