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For all those who know in their heart that the King James Version is the best translation ever compiled, but sometimes have difficulty understanding sixteenth/seventeenth century English.

{Last update –4/16/2018}

Copyright Notice

This text is being compiled for FREE USE by all.

The King James/King James Paraphrase Parallel Bible text including all notes may be freely quoted and/or published in part or in whole in any medium and in any forum with the express understanding that it is FREE to all. Any attempt to restrict the free use of this material is in violation of this agreement and voids the use of any part of this material in totality. It may be published privately or commercially on the conditions that it is published as a convenience to the reader and no attempt is made by anyone or any legal entity to restrict the Free Access to or Free Use of this material. No changes to the text may be made without express written consent of Sonny Stephens or his legally designated trustees.   The initials KJP may be placed at the end of each quote from the King James Paraphrase.  ISBN  978-1-944788-07-0   [Note:  A complete print out on normal printer paper fills 3 - four inch binders!]

The files below contain The King James/King James Paraphrase Parallel Bible  in Acrobat Reader  .pdf format.  For  Open Office .odt  or  MS Word .doc  formats.

For The King James Paraphrase Bible only {without the King James} in Acrobat Reader .pdf format.  For  Open Office .odt   or MS Word .doc  formats.   

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                  Note: Index files of (Acrobat Reader) .pdf files give the dates of the most recent updates for any book of the Bible.
This project originally began as I paraphrased the King James Version in personal Bible studies which I taught through the years.  After reading  Dr. Gail Riplinger's book:  New Age Bible Versions, reading other books on the subject and checking the claims for myself, I realized that an alternative was needed to the New Age Bibles that were coming out which are based on intentionally corrupted Hebrew and Greek texts. {For more on this issue see my notes:  Holy Bible vs. New Age Bibles which also gives additional references on this subject.}  In February of 2005, I began in ernest to put together a complete King James Paraphrase in parallel with the King James Version;  feeling compelled by the Spirit of the Lord to continue the  work already begun for the benefit of those who had difficulty with King James English.  On June 6, 2014, I completed the last book.  The official copyright was dated January, 2016.  Due to the large size and my wife's suggestion, I separated The King James Paraphrase into its own book in 2016.    I intend to keep both books available FREE of charge on this website.  However, some work is still being done; primarily editing and adding of notes and scriptural references.  Fourth complete edit completed March 3, 2017.                 [Publish-Ready  5"x8" format of    Paraphrase     Parallel {In Progress}]

Title Pages for the King James/King James Parallel Bible     Bible Complete {19 meg}    Old Testament {14 meg}    New Testament {5 meg}  New Testament Index    Book/Chapter Index
                      (     ) - latest update

Books of The Bible

Old Testament

 01 Genesis.pdf          ( 11/4/17)

02 Exodus.pdf             (4/5/18)

03 Leviticus.pdf           (3/12/18)

04 Numbers.pdf          (3/21/18)

05 Deuteronomy.pdf    (4/9/18)

06 Joshua.pdf              (11/20/17)

07 Judges.pdf              (8/18/17)

08 Ruth.pdf                 (11/22/17)

09 I Samuel.pdf           (12/25/17)

10 II Samuel.pdf          (2/20/18)

11 I Kings.pdf             (12/25/17)

12 II Kings.pdf            (12/6/17)

13 I Chronicles.pdf       (12/25/17)  

14 II Chronicles.pdf       (12/25/17)

15Ezra.pdf                     (12/14/17)

16 Nehemiah.pdf            (12/25/17)

17 Esther.pdf                  (4/5/17)

18 Job.pdf                      (12/16/17)

19 Psalms.pdf                 (12/25/17)

20 Proverbs.pdf              (12/25/17)

21 Ecclesiastes.pdf          (11/26/16)

22 Song of Solomon.pdf   (12/22/17)

23 Isaiah.pdf                    (4/16/18)

24 Jeremiah.pdf               (12/31/17)

25 Lamentations.pdf        (1/1/18)

26 Ezekiel.pdf                 (1/6/18)

27 Daniel.pdf          (2/21/18)

28 Hosea.pdf         (1/7/18)

29 Joel.pdf             (1/8/18)

30 Amos.pdf           (1/8/18)

31 Obadiah.pdf       (1/12/17)

32 Jonah.pdf           (1/9/18)

33 Micah.pdf          (1/10/18)

34 Nahum.pdf         (1/12/17)

35 Habakkuk.pdf     (2/21/18)

36 Zephaniah.pdf      (1/10/18)

37 Haggai.pdf           (1/10/18)

38 Zechariah.pdf       (2/21/18)

39 Malachi.pdf          (2/21/18)

New Testament

40 Matthew.pdf        (2/21/18)      

41 Mark.pdf             (2/21/18)

42 Luke.pdf              (2/21/18)

43 John.pdf               (2/15/18)

 44 Acts.pdf             (2/21/18)

45 Romans.pdf          (4/5/18)

46 I Corinthians.pdf    (2/14/18)

47 II Corinthians.pdf  (2/15/18)

48 Galatians.pdf          (2/22/18)

49 Ephesians.pdf      (2/24/18)

50 Philippians.pdf     (2/24/18)

51 Colossians.pdf     (2/24/18)

52 I Thessalonians.pdf   (2/24/18)

53 II Thessalonians.pdf    (2/24/18)

54 I Timothy.pdf          (2/24/18)

55 II Timothy.pdf         (2/24/18)

56 Titus.pdf               (2/24/18)

57 Philemon.pdf        (2/24/18)

58 Hebrews.pdf       (2/24/18)

59 James.pdf           (2/24/18)

60 I Peter.pdf           (2/24/18)

61 II Peter.pdf          (2/24/18)

62 I John.pdf           (2/24/18)

63 II John.pdf          (2/24/18)

64 III John.pdf         (2/24/18)

65 Jude.pdf             (2/24/18)   

66 Revelation.pdf    (2/24/18)


Appendix A - Recorded Miracles in the Bible                Appendix E - Assurance for Believers
Appendix B - Recorded Parables of Jesus                     Appendix F - Holiness of Living {Evidences of Salvation}
Appendix C - Genealogy of Jesus                                  Appendix G - World Time Line of Biblical History               
Appendix D - How to Become a Christian                     Appendix H - Does Isaiah 7:14 refer to a virgin? - Yes!!
Appendix I - Examples of Missing Words and Verses of Scripture from Modern Translations
Appendix J - Bible Weights and Measures  {includes the following}
     Appendix K: What Day of The Week Was Jesus Crucified? 

     Appendix L: The Modern Jewish Calendar and Holy Days 

     Other Articles of Interest at 

Appendices A-L       (7/9/17)

Book/Chapter Index

Introduction to KJP

This KJP {King James Paraphrase} version is intended to be merely a small update in the tradition of the updates compiled between 1611 A.D. and 1769 A.D.. Only changes which will make the King James version more readable to today's society will be made. There is no attempt being made here to “correct” the so-called “errors” of the King James Bible. It is my opinion that the King James version of the Bible is the most accurate translation ever compiled. Nor would I pretend to compare my work with the work of those noble scholars who utilized the best texts of Hebrew, Greek and multiple other languages available in their days. Having examined arguments from numerous sources I have come to the following conclusions: First, the vast majority of “modern” translations are based on corrupted Hebrew and Greek texts which have in fact been mutilated by ungodly men. Second, the Authorized King James Version itself while it is primarily based on the HebrewBen Chayyim Masoritic Text and the Greek Received texts, does in fact depart from those texts for reasons and/or manuscripts which are unknown to us today. Third, the King James Version we use today has itself been updated a number of times between 1611 A.D. and 1769 A.D and since. The first of those updates were made by individuals who actually worked on the original 1611 A.D. text. In none of those updates was there a reason or an attempt to “correct” the original, but merely to make the text more readable mostly by updating spelling of words. Fourth, modern translations frequently leave out words, merely to shorten the text for cheaper publication costs. Luke 9:54-56 is a good example, where most modern translations leave out Jesus' answer to His disciples. In Acts 8:37 most modern translations intentionally leave out Philip's answer to the eunuch altogether. In some cases such as John 7:8-10 modern translations leave out the word “yet” when Jesus said He was not going “yet” up to the feast of the passover – modern translations leave out the word “yet” making Jesus a liar – saying He's not going up to the feast. Countless other changes are equally disturbing. My goal here, is merely to make the the Word of God easier for the current generation to read. Nor is there any attempt to use “correct” English grammar at the expense of accuracy in translation I am placing the King James Version in parallel with this King James Paraphrase so that all changes can be readily seen by everyone and keeping it in parallel for reference purposes. For more information see my article Holy Bible vs New Age Bibles at and  Appendix I: Examples of Missing Words and Verses of Scripture in Modern Translations

Note on word changes: In order to make the text more readable to this present generation, some words have been replaced. In some cases the order of words has been changed. While it is true that any such changes may not grasp the full meaning of the original – this fact is equally true for all translations.

Page numbering used here includes a decimal numbering system with the book number to the left of the decimal and page numbers and chapters within the book to the right of the decimal. Books are numbered by their order in the King James Version.

Where the word LORD or GOD is in all caps it is the Name of the Lord {Jehovah, Yahweh}. I have retained that convention from the Authorized King James Version and inserted {Jehovah} so that there is no question that it is the Name of the Lord.

Pronouns and nouns referring to God are capitalized.Words of God in the Old Testament and words of God the Father or God the Spirit in the New Testament as well as words of angels delivering God's word to individuals are in blue.  There is often some question when prophecy is being given whether the words are God's words, or words of the prophet. This is as it should be since the prophet speaks God's words. Where there is a question, I have tried to err on the side of the words being from God Himself.

Explanation of dates given: [*0000A.H./C-4042B.C.] - A.H. (Anno Hominis - year of man - counted from the creation of Adam and Eve) /C-B.C.   B.C. - dates based on Dr. Cooper's work {1939 A.D.}: Messiah His First Coming Scheduled  For more information on these dates see: Appendix G: World Time Line of Biblical History.       The '*' asterisk in the text shows where the date is referenced.

The King James Version used in parallel here is the 1769 version as provided on The following note comes from concerning the red-letter edition:“The first red-letter New Testament was published in 1899, and the first red-letter Bible followed two years later (in 1901).”

Note: This Bible in its entirety (and in sections) is available in .pdf (Acrobat Reader) format for download at:

Your brother in Christ,

Sonny Stephens <><

Project begun – February, 2005

email:      Hope to see you on the other side!

Statement of Belief

It is my personal conviction that

    (1) Every single word and letter of scripture is important.  

    (2) That the scriptures say what they mean, and mean what they say.

    (3) The scriptures are historically, scientifically, and mathematically accurate

           in every detail.

    {Note: I am a physics, mathematics, and computer instructor and I take this very

       seriously. The Equidistant Letter Sequences as described in notes by myself and

       others are genuine and are not a human fabrication. To say otherwise is a display of

       mathematical ignorance and a rejection of the Creator and Author Himself.}
   (4) God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, Who was born of a virgin, Who lived and

       died as fully God and fully man. Who arose from the dead and is seated at the

       right hand of our heavenly Father. He has purchased salvation for all who

       would accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior. And He's coming back

       again to first call His children home, then to return with them to reign upon

       this present earth for 1000 years and on the new heavens and new earth for all eternity.

    (5) Those who pridefully reject God's free gift of salvation through His only Son,

       Jesus Christ, will spend all eternity in hell as the scriptures plainly teach.

    (6) Anyone who does not hold to these minimal convictions is disqualified from

       participating in any way in the translation of or paraphrase of scriptures.